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Putting some roots down with Mountains to Sound

Tuesday, November 6, 2012by  Cael Anacker

Mountains to Sound tree-planting eventThis weekend we had the opportunity to put some Northwest roots down -- quite literally -- as part of the culmination of pledge PEMCO made back in February.  As part of the launch of the Flawless Firewood Stacker  Northwest Profile, PEMCO asked Northwest community members to  submit a photo of their very own flawless firewood stacks on PEMCO's Facebook page. For every photo submitted and new page "like," PEMCO pledged to plant a tree in the 1.5 million acre Greenway maintained by friends and volunteers of the Mountains to Sound Greenway.

PEMCO fulfilled that promise this weekend as the WALLY team traveled to the University of Washington Bothell campus for the Mountains to Sound tree-planting event. We joined 80 community volunteers, PEMCO employees and our Mountains to Sound partners to help build a beautiful and sustainable greenway in the Pacific Northwest.

The young ladies of  Sammamish Girl Scout Troup 42442 joined us for the afternoon as well! These girls weren’t afraid of a little mud. After a quick tree-planting 101, they dived right in and were soon planting trees like nobody’s business.

Organizing voluneet tree-planters

Tree Planting 101 with the Sammamish Girl Scouts

We got to talking with the scouts and soon found out that some of them were naming their trees. My favorite tree name was “Mud” (“because that’s what he’s living in”). We also discovered that the young women earned tree planting badges for their service. Way to go girls!

By the end of the day, the scouts and the other volunteers had proved themselves to be tree-planting superstars and had finished the dirty work faster than anyone thought possible.

If you’d like to join Mountains to Sound and help to create a more beautiful Washington (and get to play in the mud in the process), you can visit the Mountains to Sound Greenway’s website at mtsgreenway.org/volunteer.

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