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Snapping asparagus is wrong, study says

Monday, March 28, 2016by  Jon Osterberg

Breaking news! Alert the media, and tell your grandmother.
     Recipe testers from America’s Test Kitchen have learned that snapping asparagus stalks is like throwing your money away.
     If you cook asparagus, chances are you’ve been taught to discard the woody part of the stem by bending it until it snaps in two. Tradition says this breaking point marks the natural boundary between the tasty, tender part of the stalk and its stringy, woody dregs.
     Rubbish, say the testers.
     Asparagus can snap practically anywhere you apply pressure. Snapping asparagus at the natural breaking point wastes up to 50% of the spear, much of which is succulent and appetizing.
     Instead, slice just one inch off the bottom of each spear. You might taper the ends with a peeler to expose the tender centers, if you’d like.
     By the way, Washington ranks second in the nation, behind only California, for asparagus production. So says the Washington Asparagus Commission.
     Read The Oregonian article. And quit wasting your asparagus.

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