Speeding tickets increase on Idaho freeways

Idaho troopers have given 20% more speeding tickets since the Gem State's rural-freeway speed limit jumped to 80 mph in July.
   Speed limits on I-84, I-85, and I-15 used to be 75 mph. A state police spokesperson said troopers may be writing more tickets because they’re enforcing the new 80-mph limit more tightly.
   In Washington and Oregon, 59% of drivers said in 2011 they believe police allow them to speed on freeways. Half said drivers are allowed to speed up to 4 mph over the limit, and 43% said police allow 5 to 9 mph of cushion. Check out the PEMCO Poll.
   In Idaho, it appears that cushion is slim, or none.
   “We just want to make sure we keep the roads as safe as we can, and 80’s fast enough,” said the police spokesperson.

by  Jon Osterberg



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