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Supercharged Seahawks Fans flock to Renton City Hall for 12th man flag raising

Friday, September 13, 2013by  Mikki Valentine

The Seahawks' upcoming home game on Sunday, Sept. 15 has been weighing heavily on any Supercharged Seahawks Fan’s mind. It’s the day we seek vengeance against the San Francisco 49ers, who ended the Seahawks’ 2012-2013 season.

This week, the WALLY team joined in the celebration held at Renton City Hall, where Mayor Denis Law raised the 12th man flag at 12:12 p.m. The Renton Fire Department also showed their pride by hanging their 12th man flag from the ladder on their fire truck.

Fans covered in blue and green took part in a Best Dressed Seahawks Fan competition, which got us thinking; what are some of the characteristics of a Supercharged Seahawks Fan?

The WALLY team interviewed numerous fans and here’s some of the advice we were given:

  1. Former Seahawks running back, Tony Benjamin encourages people to join the Seahawks fan club and keep the conversation going. Benjamin continued to say that it’s important to post pictures and use social media to support the Seahawks.
  2. Bonnie and Terrie Fletcher, who have been season ticket holders for an amazing 21 years, mentioned the importance of standing behind your team win or lose and to be a fan of the team not a player.
  3. Geromimo and Vickie Whitacker just moved back to the Seattle area and have become involved in everything Seahawks. Geromimo is a member of the Blue Thunder drum line. The couple says it’s important for Supercharged Seahawks Fans to “listen to Coach Carroll” and to get behind anything Seahawks.
  4. Ken Bui and Cody Dao who dressed up for the fan competition took second place. They believe the most important part of being a Supercharged Seahawks Fan is to “be yourself, represent the 12th man and always do it for the 12th man.”
  5. Cindy Langney runs the 12th Woman Facebook page and says that the most important aspect is to “leave no doubt 24/7!” This phrase also happens to be the season’s mantra for the players. She added a loud “Go Hawks!” when we were finished getting her tip.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Supercharged Seahawks Fans are loud and proud of their team, whether they win or lose. Fans warmed their vocals in preparation for an attempt to break the world record for loudest roar in a sports arena on Sunday, which shouldn’t be a problem for Seattle fans, since we’re already known as the #1 loudest arena in the NFL.

We hope to see you this Sunday – don’t forget to stop by the WALLY van at Touchdown City before the game! 

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