Test your knowledge of NW geography

How well do you know local geography? I enjoyed The Seattle Times annual geography quiz and decided to write a strictly Northwest version. Give it a shot!

1.  Which of these ski areas is located near Twisp? A-49 Degrees North, B-Spout Springs, C-Echo Valley, D-Loup Loup.

2.  What is the oldest incorporated city in Oregon? A-Baker City, B-Oregon City, C-Astoria, D-Salem.

3.  Which covers a larger area? A-Colville Reservation, B-Olympic National Park, C-Hanford Site, D-Pierce County.

4.  Which of these Oregon counties does not touch the Willamette River? A-Lane, B-Clackamas, C-Jackson, D-Yamhill.

5.  Which river is not in Washington or Oregon? A-Grande Ronde, B-Pratt, C-Touchet, D-Crooked, E-Clearwater.

6.  Sarah left her Kennewick home and drove north across the Blue Bridge on U.S. 395. At 31 miles she veered left at a junction, and at 76 miles she crossed a freeway and stopped at Starbucks. She continued north, past a large airport, through some large gullys, alongside a 27-mile-long lake, and after 145 total miles arrived at a major tourist attraction. What were Sarah's stops?
A-Ritzville and Spokane's Riverfront Park, B-George and Lake Chelan, C-Moses Lake and Grand Coulee Dam, D-Ellensburg and Snoqualmie Falls.

Let's see how you did. Answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-A (2,187 square miles), 4-C, 5-E, 6-C – the airport is Grant County International, formerly Larson Air Force Base; the large gullies are coulees, and Banks Lake lies in one of them.

by  Jon Osterberg



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