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The Lucky Lab Brew Pub does more than brew beer

Monday, September 8, 2014by  Taylor Orian

This past weekend, the WALLY team attended Tour de Lab, an annual biking event held at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub in Portland, Oregon. Bikers spent their morning pedaling through the streets, gathering the pieces to their dog costumes and pit stopping at various pubs in the area. By the end of the race, they rolled through the finish line dressed as pups of various breeds, and we were there to help capture these moments with our free souvenir photo program!

The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub isn’t just known for its Tour de Lab biking event, but also the Worst Day of the Year ride, and it sure lives up to its name! The 14-mile trek occurs yearly on or near the worst day of the year according to weather reports! Proceeds from this event go towards the Community Cycling Center.

If biking isn’t your thing, don’t fret; the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub has an event called the Wiener Dog Race. Dachshunds race each other until there’s a winning wiener! Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds go towards the Oregon Dachshund Rescue.

Lastly, let’s not forget the annual Dogtoberfest! Initially started as a small way to give back to Lucky Lab’s loyal patrons, the Lucky Lab hosts a dog-washing event. Over the years, the total number of dogs washed has reached nearly 8,200 dogs! Luckily for you, this year’s event takes place on September 21, 2014, so be sure to bring your pup and suds!

We have to say, the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub may stand out for its brews, but they sure take the cake when it comes to events that are both fun and beneficial to their community! We definitely wag our tails at you, Lucky Lab!

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