The WALLY team heads down to Hollywood -- oops! Oregon


Movie in the park  Portland, Oregon What’s the perfect way to spend a warm summer night in the Pacific Northwest? None other than watching a movie outside, of course!

This past weekend the WALLY team spent not one, but two nights in Portland attending their Movies in the Park. As part of Portland’s Park and Recreation “Summer Free For All ” all summer outdoor movies as well as concerts and playgrounds in the park are FREE!


We know Oregon is a one-of-a-kind state and happens to be a hot destination for film. The WALLY team wanted to know not only what movies are being shown in the area, but also what movies have been filmed in the area.

Can you guess which popular movies have been filmed in Oregon?

  1. Mr. Holland’s Opus

  2. The Goonies

  3. The Shining

  4. Men of Honor

  5. Free Willy 1 and 2

If you guessed all five, you’re correct! Over 400 feature films, commercials and TV shows have been shot in Oregon. Its aesthetic popularity comes from its lush, green landscape which ranges from rugged seacoast, magnificent waterfalls and rivers, high mountain passes to its rain-slicked streets.

So move over Hollywood, the Pacific Northwest is coming through!



by  Christa VanWieringen



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