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The history of the Spelling B-e-e

Monday, January 13, 2014by  Krysta Morley

A trip to Portland to visit our good friends at Schoolhouse Supplies is always a treat for the WALLY Team!  Our visits in 2013 with the non-profit have included: helping to run the school supplies shop, delivering school supplies to teachers in the Portland area, and helping teachers clean up their classrooms. 2013 kicked off the first stinger spelling bee, but 2014 will be wrapping up the OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee on January 30th.

Schoolhouse Supplies is hitting the dictionary and holding multiple rapid quick-fire stinger spelling bees to quiz the citizens of the Rose City of their spelling abilities. During this trip I personally had the chance to join in on the fun as a contestant! A misspelling of the word “tatami” kept me from winning, but the experience brought back the memories I had of spelling bee competitions in elementary school. While I stood on the stage mulling over how to spell each word I wondered how the idea of spelling bees came to be. 

Spelling bees have been around for hundreds of years, even being mentioned in the work of the famous American author, Mark Twain. The first National Spelling Bee is said to have occurred when fourteen members of Congress and fourteen journalists battled their wits in front of President Wilson. Since then, these fierce spelling competitions have been continuous throughout the years in classrooms all across the world and even on national stages as well.

Be sure to keep up with Schoolhouse Supplies on their Facebook page for your chance to participate in the next Stinger Spelling Bee this Thursday on January 16th! Hopefully you’ll be like Dan Larsen, our round 2 Stinger speller winner, and become the next winner of the third and final round to take first place!

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