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The weather outside may be frightful but runners find it delightful

Thursday, December 5, 2013by  Christa VanWieringen

Vancouver, WA- a city that hosted two very important things: The 4th annual Hot Buttered (Rum) Run and the WALLY team! This holiday inspired event included pictures with Santa Clause, Hot Buttered Rums, and lots of running. Runners from all ages participated in the 12K, 5K, 1K, and the kids fun run to kick start the holiday season. The WALLY team caught the holiday fever and was in the spirit of giving…free prizes! The WALLY team brought their prize wheel where everyone had the chance to spin to win some PEMCO swag, and even gift certificates to the hottest spots in the Portland and Vancouver area.

The Hot Buttered Run has over 1,400 registered runners, and the WALLY team was lucky enough to meet the man who finished first in the 12K, Johnson Lee.

A local to the Vancouver area, Johnson told the WALLY team that he runs over 100 miles a week, and this is his 3rd time running in a 12K race. We couldn’t help but notice that the weather outside was cold and rainy, but this didn’t stop this (below) 50's Degree Shrit's Off Guy from running in just his shorts. From the help of Johnson and many other runners who completed the race, they gave the WALLY team some very important tips that should be considered before running in a marathon.

Apparel: While some runners may focus on the functionality of their clothes others focus on dressing up in order to make the run “more fun”. A perfect example is shown by Melody Ortiz from the Portland area who has been rocking her Gingerbread costume for the past 4 years of running in this 5K race.

Training: Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to training. Runners like Johnson train hard and long before racing in a marathon, while others take a different route. Many like to “jump right into it” without any training and they said that they did just fine.

Stay Hydrated: Runners have different drinks of choice when it comes to staying hydrated. The war over Water vs. Gatorade as being the better drink for a runners body was apparent but many found themselves recovering from the run with a Hot Buttered Rum. ‘Tis the season!

The WALLY team kicked off their holiday season with a holiday inspired run. What do you do in order to get ready for the holidays?

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