WALLY joins fellow foodies at the first-ever Seattle Street Food Festival

Over the weekend the streets of Capitol Hill were packed, as food-loving friends from all over Seattle came out to experience the first-ever Seattle Street Food Festival, which was produced by our friends at Mobile Food Rodeo.

With the delicious smells in the air, the team took some time to sample some of the eats and treats that were being offered. Some of our favorites were Pagliacci Pizza, Trophy Cupcakes, and fresh-pressed basil soda.  

Topping the list, though, was Kurlys' handmade organic potato fries are crafted by Northwest native, River Mitchelle (aka Kurly) using unusual varieties of potatoes from neighboring farms in the area. 

We loved Kurly's healthy interpretation of our favorite deep-fried snack, which he cooks up in rice bran oil from a handmade cart that rolls on wooden Amish wheels. Talk about sustainable! 

Of course, the best part about any event we attend is meeting new people. Those who stopped by our booth had the opportunity to win a Seahawks prize pack just by playing in PEMCO's Northwest Profile Anagram Challenge.

Those who found our Northwest Profile trading cards throughout the festival and unscrambled their names using the Paperbuttons app had a chance to win the 'Hawks prize pack. 

We had a blast getting to be part of Seattle’s newest food-related event and want to thank everyone who participated in the Anagram challenge. 

Be sure to look for  more opportunities to win great prizes at the WALLY van at future Northwest events!

by  Mason Luvera



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