WALLY loves WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo

The Wally team had a wonderful weekend at Woodland Park Zoo WildLights! For the first time ever, Woodland Park Zoo put on a truly amazing lights show, with displays in shapes of many of the zoo’s stars.

One of our favorite displays was a pair of jaguars lit up in brilliant orange waiting to pounce from an archway, their eyes like burning stars. The large yellow lion that was joined by its rainbow-colored cubs was also fun to look at. We also really liked the penguins, which were perched on the lip of the real penguins’ pool. Each penguin flashed between two poses, creating a dynamic visual.

The zoo was decorated with a symphony of traditional holiday lights, and everything was so bright that we hardly needed a flash to take our signature souvenir portraits of delighted zoo-goers!

But what would a night at the zoo be without some living, breathing animals. Well, Woodland Park Zoo did not disappoint with a pair of the most classic holiday animals; reindeer! Did you know that reindeer are residents of the Pacific Northwest just like you and me? That’s right, Washington State is home to some of the select few American reindeer that live outside of Alaska. Unlike any other deer, both male and female reindeers can grow antlers. Also, in some parts of the world reindeer have been fully domesticated and can be seen pulling around sleds and sleighs. In fact, you might know one fellow who gets around in this fashion…  

We had a blast this weekend at Woodland Park Zoo WildLights and we hope to see you next year!

by  Cael Anacker



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