WALLY sees red, white and blue at the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

Fourth of July Celebrations gleam with colors of red, white and blue. Being a little different, the WALLY team celebrated with a little red, some white, and a whole lot of blue!  We headed down to the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival and celebrated Independence Day along the water nautical style.

We met some wonderful people who were anxiously looking forward to seeing the fireworks. This seemed to be the most anticipated activity of the day for many. The most memorable group that stopped by our booth was a family of four who was nothing short of patriotic. This family wore their red, white and blue proudly, and they were also looking forward to the fireworks.


From boat tours to boat races, there was no shortage of nautical activities to explore at the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival. There was even an opportunity to take a ride on Lake Union!  The WALLY team, really enjoyed exploring the boat workshop, where kids could build their very own mini boat.  It was great to see how kids could turn a few pieces of plywood into an actual floating craft!

With so many fun activities and people to meet, one day at this festival was just not enough for the WALLY team. We returned the next day so we could extend our Independence Day celebration and meet even more people. This time, we handed out PEMCO swag to those who told us how they spent their Fourth of July.

Come find us this week when we kick off the PEMCO Movies at Magnuson 8-week series this Thursday!

by  Mason Luvera



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