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Weiner dogs race and roast in Ellensburg heat

Monday, June 22, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

For cute absurdity, it’s pretty tough to beat weiner dog races.
     Unless it’s watching weiner dogs prance in costume and perform tricks, too.
     On Saturday, we witnessed all of that at the 13th annual Dachshunds on Parade in downtown Ellensburg. With our adult kids out of town on Father’s Day, this was the perfect year to attend what had long been on our to-do list.
     All types of elongated pooches paraded down 4th Avenue – standards, miniatures, longhairs, shorthairs, all different hues, and of course a few mongrels.
     Many wore hilarious costumes that were undoubtedly hot in the mid-80s sunshine.
     (Incidentally, the current drought has triggered an unusually early county-wide burn ban, which in Fire District 7 includes even briquette barbecues.)
     We saw dachshunds dressed as snails. Longhorn steer. Sailors. Seahawks cheerleaders. Spiders. (There must have been an “s” theme going on.)
     One wore a green T-rex costume with its pointy little face protruding from the T-rex’s gaping jaws.
     A brown shorthair simply bore a short line of white laces on its back.
     Of course. A football!
     The highlight for me was watching the weenie dogs sprint. It’s all about the high-flopping ears and tails.
     If you go next year, arrive early to get a seat near the front. We missed much of the action because it’s tough to view these stubby little friends through the crowd.

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