Who’s calling teen drivers? Mom and dad

A new study reveals 53% of teens who gab on a phone while driving are talking with their parents.
   It’s ironic, for sure. The very people who likely are the most concerned about their kids’ welfare are often the ones distracting them and creating danger.
   The study results were presented Aug. 8 at an American Psychological Association convention in Washington, D.C.  Researchers noted Pew studies showing that, despite the well-publicized danger of using a cell phone while driving, many more teens do so now – 43% in 2009 versus 86% in 2013.
   For their part, parents can make a difference: Hang up immediately when you call and learn your teen is behind the wheel. Try calling again later. Also, don’t set a bad example by phoning and driving yourself.

by  Jon Osterberg



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