Winning wiener winter wisdom

Friday, December 5, 2014by  PEMCO Insurance

by Maxx Throttle and Kirby






The Hawks weren’t the only ones going long during the Cardinals game a couple of Sundays ago.

We’re those wanton wiener wonders you watched tear up the turf in a tied victory in the Seahawks Halftime Race for Rescue presented by PEMCO. We hope you didn’t get too distracted by that other game, the one with the big guys fighting over the squashed ball. (If you ask us, it would be more fun with a stick … or forget the stick and turn loose a barrel of squirrels.)

Anyway, our buddies at Old Dog Haven wanted us to use our celebrity to give you the lowdown on winter doggy safety. Hey, who better? If humans think “brain freeze” is bad, they ought to try “belly freeze” with a couple inches of snow on the ground!

So, from a wiener’s eye view, here’s our Top 10:

  • Keep us inside except when you take us out for an, ahem, walk. Our noses, ears, and paws are sensitive, and we can quickly suffer frostbite. And for dogs like us with short hair? Put a sweater on us. We prefer Hawks blue and green.
  • After a walk, wipe our paws with a damp towel. Salt and ice-melting chemicals used on sidewalks burn. And we don’t even want to tell you what happens if we lick our paws.
  • If we MUST be outside, make sure we have a dry, draft-free shelter with the floor raised a few inches off the ground and covered with clean straw or shavings. Our shelter should be big enough to sit and lie down, but small enough to hold in our body heat.
  • Keep us on a leash in the snow. After all … it’s S-N-O-W! We get like fourth-grader-school’s-canceled excited when we see the stuff. We’re apt to bound off and get lost.
  • Keep us out of the antifreeze. Why, oh why, do they make it taste so darn delicious? Wipe up spills pronto, make sure your car isn’t leaking and, if possible, choose less toxic propylene (as opposed to ethylene) glycol products. If you think we got into some, call the vet right away.
  • Mmm, food … with lots of warm, sloppy gravy. We think that’s good advice any time of year, but it’s especially important for active dogs to get an extra calorie boost in cold weather.
  • But don’t go overboard, especially for indoor lap-warmers like us. A whopping dose of super-fatty table scraps could send us into pancreatitis or diabetes. And hey, we’re as prone to “holiday spread” as our two-legged buddies!
  • Don’t let our water dish freeze. What, you think we’re into popsicles?
  • Ixnay the ollyhay. Or if you don’t speak Dog Latin, that’s nix the holly – and the mistletoe and poinsettias, too. Those things are toxic! And as much as we hate to say it, keep those holiday chocolates out of the snout zone. Yep, they’ll make us sick, too.
  • Make no bones about it. Did you know gnawing on bones is the No. 1 way we Dachshunds break a tooth? Unless your vet says bones are OK, ask Santa Paws to bring us squirrels, instead.

Wishing you plenty of belly rubs,

Maxx Throttle and Kirby

P.S. Where’s that pack of Snausages you promised us?

Maxx Throttle and Kirby’s tips come courtesy of the Humane Society, ASPCA, and American Kennel Club. Old Dog Haven is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization providing final homes for senior dogs, which benefits from the Seahawks Race for Rescue.

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