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Wolf likely killed livestock near Cle Elum

Wednesday, July 22, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

It’s a sticky, inevitable dilemma. For years, one school of thought clamored for reintroducing wolves to Washington’s wildlands, while rural livestock ranchers opposed it.
     The wolves returned, dispersing from northwest Montana in recent years. Occasionally, they hunted cattle in the remote northeast quadrant of the state, angering ranchers.
     Now it’s been confirmed that wolves last week killed a cow near Cle Elum, closer to urban communities.
     Might this rekindle the debate?
     Gray wolves have multiplied in recent years. Washington’s Department of Fish & Wildlife counts at least 68 wolves and 16 wolf packs in our state. Those living closest to urban areas are members of the Teanaway pack, a likely suspect in the cow killing. Read the Ellensburg Daily Record article.

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