You can prevent trailhead break-ins

Warm weather brings a certain scoundrel into our midst: the trailhead burglar.
   According to a recent Everett Herald article, they're already prowling Centennial Trail parking lots.
   Trailhead break-ins occur in urban, rural, and wilderness settings. Police advise hikers to leave nothing valuable in your car and to be vigilant watching for people hovering around parking lots in street clothes. Write down their license plate numbers, and consider sticking around until they leave. Prowlers often linger, knowing that once hikers march up the trail they're likely to be gone for hours.
   And these crooks are opportunistic, striking quickly to steal purses, electronics, or anything else of value.
   Check out our recent blog post, "6 ways to prevent car break-ins at trailheads."

by  Jon Osterberg



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