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Bike to Work Day 2010: A Conscientious Commute

Monday, May 24, 2010by  WALLY Team

Waterproof rain-booties? Check. Panniers and padded spandex? Check. Miles of heart-pumping cardio ahead? Check. Leave the lattes to the I-5 crowd; these commuters wakeup with a cup of Burke Gilman Trail!

Washington was just named the most bicycle-friendly state in the country, and on Friday the devoted community that made it possible hit the road for Bike to Work Day 2010. With commitment shining in their highlighter yellow vests, families, professionals and the mayor himself, pedaled through Seattle streets during the culminating event of Bike Month.

Peter and I met these wheeled enthusiasts at the Fremont Bike to Work Commute Station, where riders visiting the PEMCO booth were able to get their photograph on a cyclist emergency ID card. During their brief stop, commuters shared with us the joys and hazards of human powered travel. Les, a Ballard resident, shared with us a practical benefit of cycling. 'It makes you more aware of things close by,' he says, 'It's even improved my defensive driving.'

We even met an inspiring 'NW Male Action Figure' from Sand Point named Bob. He has been pedaling 12-miles to work for 25 years, even after celebrating his 71st birthday. With a shrug he commented, 'I used to run my morning commute to get in shape for marathons. Biking is easier on my joints these days.'

Bob and wife Evette bike to work

Bob and his wife, Evette, truly enjoy their morning commute.

Mother daughter duo biking to work

'Many feet make light work' is the motto of these mother-daughter duos.

There is an old adage that says, 'Kindness begets kindness.' Judging from the friendly faces we met on Bike to Work Day 2010, Washington's bicycle-friendly status is here to stay.

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