Does my policy cover towing or roadside assistance?

man changing car tireQ. My vehicle won't start and I need help! Does my policy cover towing or roadside assistance?

A. If you've selected that coverage for your vehicle, the answer is yes!

When I answer a call from one of our customers who begins with, "Does my policy cover towing?" that person usually isn't calling merely for a quick review of coverage. In most cases, the real question being asked is, "I need help with a tow. What can my auto policy do for me?" I'm always relieved when I find that the customer has selected towing and roadside assistance coverage, because I know it will ease the customer's stress.

Here's some helpful information to reduce the chances you'll be without coverage when you need it.

Towing and roadside assistance is an option for any of your vehicles carrying Comprehensive coverage. It's pretty much what the name implies: it helps cover the expense of towing or roadside service when your car is disabled. Examples would be a battery jump-start, towing your vehicle, replacing a flat tire, the cost to bring you gas if you've run out, or having a locksmith unlock your vehicle when it unceremoniously decides to hang onto your keys (of course, you didn't leave the keys in the car, right?).

I've used the coverage myself more than once, and boy, is it a life saver!

One evening after seeing the latest Transformers movie at Seattle Center, we reached the parking lot and found we'd left on an overhead reading light. Sure enough, the car battery was dead. Since it was 1:30 a.m. I had little hope that we'd be home any time soon. I called PEMCO and was connected with our towing & roadside line, and a reassuring voice said help would arrive within the hour. We were pleasantly surprised when someone showed up in 20 minutes and we were home well before that hour was up! On top of that, no money changed hands. Less stress, and cost-free.

Towing and roadside assistance pays up to whichever limit you select – $50, $100, or $150 maximum – for any covered incident. Even PEMCO's best option costs less than a couple bucks per month per vehicle, so I typically recommend it. Note that the coverage doesn't pay for a new tire or a tank of gas. However, when you need a gas delivery or help with a flat tire, we'll help you out with the associated labor costs.

In your time of need you want your auto policy to be there for you, and adding towing and roadside assistance helps give you that assurance. Don't delay! Visit your account at, or call your agent or Customer Service to add this helpful coverage to your policy.


04/11/2018 11:54 AM

A consideration is that policies with such low dollar limits may be surprisingly inadequate in rural situations. $150 may cover a short tow in an urban area, but would probably not cover a tow much over 15 miles. Even jump-starts, lock-outs, and tire changes are not going to be cheap if the service provider has to travel many miles in a rural area to perform the job.


08/03/2016 04:11 PM

That’s a great point, Michael! Always be sure to ask the right questions and read the fine print when signing on for a new product or service. Thankfully there’s no need to worry about that with PEMCO, because our Towing & Roadside coverage will provide both towing and roadside assistance regardless of which coverage level is chosen. Just remember: the coverage limit you select is the most we’ll pay for any one incident, so be sure to pick a limit that you feel will best fit your needs.

kody Loveless

06/14/2016 07:52 AM

My daughter just started driving, and I want to make sure she is taken care of if her car breaks down. I didn't now if it would be worth the extra money, but I think it would be worth it for peace of mind. Seems like it can be used for a lot more than towing as well. I like that it could be used to unlock her car, or give her a jump.

michael hinderliter

06/10/2016 06:21 PM

the one thing people tend to forget is to ask if their auto policy covers towing and roadside assistance,   for instance you might be covered for your basic roadside assistance consisting of flat tire changes, jump starts, fuel and door unlocks but not covered for a tow because you were set up with the cheapest option without your provider making you aware of this and only saying you have roadside assistance so be sure to specify what your looking for when you tell your insurance carrier what you would like included so your safe when something happens.

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