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Fill up on Mondays to save money on gasoline

Thursday, April 27, 2017by  Jon Osterberg

smiling woman holds gas nozzle and lots of cashDrivers could save about $325 a year on gasoline if they buy on Mondays, according to a new report from GasBuddy.

The crowdsource research firm also said gas costs the most on Thursdays, but cautions that the best day to save on gas varies from state to state, and it can change each year.

In 2014, GasBuddy broke out its results by state. Oregonians saved by filling up on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Washington drivers paid less Friday through Monday.

However, currently the cheapest day to fill up is Monday for both Oregon and Washington drivers, GasBuddy's PR director told me in an email today.

GasBuddy reports current gas prices for towns across the country, including Washington and Oregon. As I write this, you'll find the cheapest gas in Washington at the Wolf Den in Wapato, where the cash price for regular is $2.47. The costliest regular gas is at the Shell station on 15th NW and NW 70th in Seattle, where you'll pay $3.79.

Motorists will find the cheapest Oregon gas at the Beaverton 76 station on NW 158th and NW Schendel Ave., where you'll pay just $2.39.

cars cross Interstate 5 bridge into OregonSo why do gas prices now tend to rise as the weekend approaches? Perhaps because each Wednesday the Energy Information Administration issues its weekly report, which helps to influence market prices, said a GasBuddy analyst.

I'm not endorsing any brand over another, yet I notice from GasBuddy's current figures that, aside from the thrifty 76 station in Beaverton, the least expensive Top Tier gas appears to be sold at local Costco and ARCO stations.

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