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From rivalry to victory (for the Sounders, that is!): Sounders FC vs. Colorado Rapids

Tuesday, June 30, 2009by  WALLY Team

Just as we were packing up the PEMCO booth at Sunday's Sounders game, a deafening roar came thundering out of Qwest Field. It was the sound of 32,526 Sounders FC fans yelling at the top of their lungs because Freddy Montero put one into the back of the net, bringing the Sounders up by a score of 1-0. More importantly, it was the sound of the Colorado Rapids' undefeated eight-game streak being snapped in two, which moved the Sounders into third place in the Western Conference standings. 


This year, with the Sounders in their inaugural season making a push for tops in the conference and the Mariners finding themselves three games over .500 and just three games back in the division, it's hard not to get excited for Seattle sports. 


On Sunday, June 28, the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors and I spent the hours before the match capturing and printing photo after photo of devoted fans showing their best ''I Know I Am, I'm Sure I Am' Sounders FC Fan' poses.


Sounders show their pride


Perhaps it was the unusually sunny weather or the excitement of a crucial match against a conference rival; whatever it was, the excitement and energy were evident from minute one.  It started soft at first, but as the mob of endearing Sounders fans neared the stadium you could clearly hear the sounds of feet, hands and voices all marching, clapping and singing in unison ' The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle, and the hills the greenest green in Seattle, like a beautiful child, growing up, free 'an wild…' 


By the time the time the crowd made its way to the North entrance, the Sound Wave band was in full swing and fans swarmed the PEMCO booth hoping to capture the moment with a photo. This was my third time at the booth before a match, but I couldn't help but think there was something different about it. Then it hit me: in every conversation and every interaction there was an underlying hope, though never spoken, not even whispered, that Seattle is on the rise and that not only could we win, but we could go all the way.  


Today's match is one I won't soon forget and I can't wait to see where the Sounders will go from here. Until we meet again Sounders fans, keep the colors flying high and be sure to stop by when the Sounders take on the Houston Dynamo on July 11. Go Sounders!

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