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Gird your rears and pedal to work Friday

Thursday, May 18, 2017by  Jon Osterberg

John Burgess on his bike for Bike To Work Day 2016I won't be riding my bicycle to work for tomorrow's Bike Everywhere Day, as will my colleague and fellow scribe John (a.k.a. "Punk Poet," left).

But this year it would be feasible for me and other Eastside-to-downtown-Seattle commuters to do so, thanks to the new Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Unlike the previous span, the SR 520 bridge that opened last year has a pedestrian and bike path.

Before last year's bridge opening, my best route to PEMCO would have been via the Sammamish River and Burke-Gilman trails, plus a stretch of city streets, an overall one-way distance of 27 miles. Too far for this occasional biker. I don't have buns of steel.

I think John does, though.

John will pedal his bike to work Friday, as he often does in fair weather March through September. His route runs 5.3 miles up Dexter Avenue, which is a designated Seattle bike route, across the Fremont Bridge to the urban bike trail and Fremont Avenue.

PEMCO employees bike to work in May 2016John says PEMCO has at least three or four year-round bike commuters, and a dozen or so are regulars like him during the summer. Other employers in the South Lake Union neighborhood have hordes of bike commuters. I know because I wait for them to pass every time I exit our parking garage in my gas-guzzling vehicle.

(Hey, sorry. But remember, LONG ride to Redmond, no buns of steel.)

PEMCO joins in the Bike Everywhere Day fun by hosting a celebration station in the parking lot in front of our headquarters at 1300 Dexter Avenue. You can snatch some good coffee and even get a quick, free bike wash between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Bike Everywhere Day extends beyond Seattle's urban core. Check out Cascade Bicycle Club's page showing celebration stations that stretch from Everett to Tacoma, Silverdale to Issaquah and beyond.

Motorists, if you pass bicyclists tomorrow, be courteous and remember the law: you must give riders a minimum clearance of 3 feet.

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