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How to beat the Seattle heat

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Krysta Morley

family at Queen Anne Days

"Members of the Canlis family shared their tip: stay goofy and eat a snow cone!”

This past Saturday, the WALLY Team found our way to the Queen Anne Days at the neighborhood’s community center, where we hung out with attendees and offered our free souvenir photos! Living in the Pacific Northwest we know the weather can sometimes be a bit dramatic, and this past weekend’s heat took us Northwest residents by surprise!

The WALLY Team spends lots of time outdoors in the summer, so to help us beat the heat we wanted to share with all of you the ways that we stay cool:

  • Use a spray bottle. Fill a spray bottle full of water and intermittently mist yourself. This is a quick, refreshing way to keep cool. If you feel particularly daring, add some ice!

  • Get a cool treat. Snow cones are a heaven send on hot days! Grab an icy concoction and eat to your heart’s desire.

  • Find natural shade. Our team is usually covered by a big tent, but if you don’t have one handy, you can always stay cool under the shade of a tree.

  • Stay hydrated. This is a universal rule in all hot weather. Keep a cooler of ice so your water bottles stay frosty, and drink that H2O all throughout the day.

We hope these tricks to on how to beat the Seattle heat helps keep you cool this summer. We’d love to hear other ways residents of the Northwest use to keep cool, stop by the WALLY van at our next event and share with us!

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