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King County Earth Day Exhibition: Keeping the NW Green

Saturday, April 24, 2010by  WALLY Team

With so many Relentless RecyclersSmug Hybrid Drivers and P-Patch People in the Northwest, it's no wonder the we boast one of the most pristine environments in the nation. In fact, it might be hard to imagine that just fifty years ago our beautiful Lake Washington was too polluted for swimming. In celebration of the Northwest and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Brad, Peter and I carpooled to Westlake Center for the King County Earth Day Exhibition, and picked up a few tips from the people who help make Lake Washington one of the cleanest urban lakes in the world.


Here are our top five tips to keeping King County green, from our friends at the Earth Day Expo:


  • Take a look at the list of ingredients in your household cleaners and always avoid using products with phthalates. Keep in mind that cleaners with the shortest list of ingredients are probably the most environmentally responsible choice. 

  • High-grade vinegar or boiling water can be safe alternatives to harmful weed killers. You can test the grade of vinegar by putting it in the freezer. High-grade vinegar will not freeze. 

  • Greasy pizza boxes and other soiled paper food containers can be placed in your King County yard waste bin for composting. They should not be recycled.

  • The public land between your sidewalk and street can be used to plant a vegetable garden under 3 feet tall without a permit. 

  • Protect local fauna by not planting invasive species in your garden. Check out the Washington Native Plant Society for stunning, uniquely Northwest landscaping ideas. 

Check out a few of our favorite moments from the Expo:


Rapid Ride electric hybrid bus  

The addition of 94 electric-hybrid buses in King County will reduce emissions by 30% when they are deployed in 2012.


Dow Constantine as King County Environmental Action Day 

County Executive Dow Constantine proclaims April 22 as King County Environmental Action Day.


eliminate odor using baking soda 

Baking soda can be used to eliminate odor in your food scrap container. Allison from Wastewater Treatment shows how it also makes a fun science experiment when combined with a handy weed killer, vinegar.


laptop bag from tires and seatbelt straps 

A laptop bag made from used tires and seatbelt straps was one of the many environmentally friendly products on display at the Expo.


Miss us at the Expo? This Saturday come join us in Bellingham as we have Fun with the Fuzz!

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