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The exciting life of an intern at PEMCO (yes, really!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018by  Sandy Roscelli

Sandy Insta 2.jpgI've been interning at various companies for four years and not once have I ever fetched coffee for someone. Shocking, I know, but the stereotypical view of interns is finally changing as more companies realize the added value interns bring.

One of these companies is PEMCO. As the Marketing and Communications intern at PEMCO Insurance, I can honestly say I've never felt more valued and welcomed at an office. I have my own desk, I'm involved in numerous projects, I've even had lunch with chief executives, and I don't know many interns who can say the same.

Was this what I was expecting when I was offered the job? Not exactly. I thought working at an insurance company would be slow and mundane, and I was fully prepared for that. But as soon as I walked in on my first day, I was greeted by so many smiling faces and the bright and colorful interior of the office was complete with the most spectacular view of Lake Union. After my first day at PEMCO, I couldn't shut-up about how excited I was to work at an insurance company for the summer. But it's not just the location and the aesthetic of the office that makes PEMCO a great place to intern – it's the people.

PEMCO thinks big and acts local, and that's true not only in the way it conducts business, but also in the way PEMCO treats its employees. This customer-owned insurance company is committed to professionally advancing its employees through continued education, workshops, and conferences. PEMCO also encourages employees to go out into the community and volunteer. And with all their employees living in the Pacific Northwest, it creates a tight-knit, hiking-enthusiastic, coffee-loving community.

I'm getting more out of my internship at PEMCO than I could ever imagine. I'm creating marketing campaigns, earning Excel certificates, and getting my writing published on numerous platforms. Plus, I'm proud to say I finally understand how insurance works, and the difference between a claim and a premium. To say the least, PEMCO is making it hard to go back to school this fall, but I know the connections I've made and the experience I gained this summer will serve me well upon graduation.

Thank you PEMCO, this summer has been truly remarkable.

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personBernie Peterson07/27/2018 08:47 AM
Nicely written Sandy! Pemco should be proud to have you as a summer intern.

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