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Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Ladies (and gents) attend annual PAWSwalk

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Christa VanWieringen

people with dogs at PAWSwalkNobody loves their dog more than our very own Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Lady, but that can’t be true! This past weekend the WALLY team saw plenty of dog-lovers at the annual PAWSwalk at Marymoor Park. Thousands of dogs and their owners “embarked” on the 5k trail to help raise money for the PAWS organization that will help foster animals for this coming year.

This year the WALLY team met plenty of dogs – even famous ones!

dog in front of PEMCO booth at PAWSwalk

Our new 4-legged friend, Sampson, is a frequent face shown on the PAWS website and is the new face of CityDog Magazine. Sampson even shows us he’s a regular Cascade Canine Sherpa!

With all the dogs we met, we couldn’t help but think about all the important tips there are to keep your dog healthy and happy! Here’s our list:

  1. Take them for a walk. Usually just saying the word “walk” will perk your dog’s head straight up while they bolt for the front door. Walking your dog twice a day will keep their health up and their stress level down.

  2. Feed them a healthy diet. Like humans, dogs can develop allergic reactions to certain foods. Be sure they’re eating a healthy diet and always make sure to avoid human foods such as: chocolate, chicken wings, avocado and even grapes!

  3. Give them treats … occasionally. Rewarding your dog for good behavior is always a good idea! We know it’s hard to not spoil your pup, but make sure treats are just that – a treat!

  4. Take them to the vet. It might not be their favorite place to go, but making sure your dog has its regular check-ups can help prevent any health problems they may have in the future.

  5. Give them lots of love! Dogs love to have their bellies rubbed. Be sure to pet your dog plenty times a day, and they will be forever happy!

We’d love to hear other ways you help keep your dog happy and healthy, be sure to comment below!


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