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PEMCO Outdoor Movies at Riverfront Park: The Essentials!

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Hernann Ambion

WALLY Team member at PEMCO Outdoor Movies at Riverfront ParkImagine a 40-foot outdoor movie screen in your own neighborhood park. The second annual PEMCO Outdoor Movies at Riverfront Park provides that special experience for guests of all ages. This summer event runs every Wednesday from June 11 - July 16. With live acts (including circus performers) from Spokane’s Aerial Performance Arts, mouthwatering treats from some of your favorite food trucks, and your favorite movies playing on a 40-foot screen, this experience is great for the whole family! For only $5 a person (children under five are free), you can enjoy live entertainment, free giveaways, and great food!

Wondering what you’ll need to bring to these events? Here are some essentials that you’ll need to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable experience!

1. Bring a blanket or lawn chair!

If you don’t feel comfortable sitting on the grass, blankets and/or lawn chairs are great things to bring. Make sure you arrive early so you can get a good spot for the movie.

2. Bring your friends, family, and dogs!

The park is a great place for friends and family to get together. And don’t forget your dog at home, they’re invited too!

3. Bring some cash for snacks, or bring some food with you!

Food trucks are all the rage and cash will come in handy when you’re ready for a tasty treat! If you’ve decided to bring some food in, no need to sneak it in since outside food and drink are permitted in the park!

If you don’t already have the essentials, that’s okay! Each week PEMCO will be hosting a raffle and you can enter for a chance to win the premium seat upgrades package, complete with a mini cooler, snacks, a lawn chair, and other great goodies. Visit the booth each week to submit your name in our drawing! We’ll see you there!

For a complete schedule of movies, check it out here.  


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