PEMCO supports YouthCare's mission

The WALLY Team regularly has the opportunity to participate in fun and quirky events that are particular to the Northwest, but our latest endeavor was eye-opening and touched us all.

We had the opportunity to deliver school supplies collected by PEMCO employees to the YouthCare Center in Seattle. Though we live near and work in Seattle, it was our first time visiting the center located in the University District.

We loaded JRWALLY up with backpacks, binders, pens and notebooks, among other necessities for the school year, but didn't quite grasp the importance of our mission until we arrived. In fact, it wasn’t until we spoke with the YouthCare team that we realized how much the supplies would mean to the homeless youth, between the ages of 12 and 24, who are assisted by the organization.

For almost 40 years, YouthCare has provided emergency shelter, hot meals, housing assistance, access to education and employment training to those in need. With the first day of school quickly approaching, their services provide stability to homeless youth in the greater Seattle area.

We were grateful to learn about YouthCare’s mission and to be able to provide additional supplies. Going back to school can be nerve-wracking enough, even without having to worry about where your next meal will come from or where you will be sleeping that night.

If you are interested in volunteering, or want to know more, visit YouthCare’s website for details and contact information.

by  Krysta Morley



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