Sandcastle building for Goosebumped Beach Bums

Sand Castle from Yoshida's Sand in the City

In the Pacific Northwest, a typical day at the beach might include towels, umbrellas, rain and even a few Goosebumped Beach Bums! This past weekend, the sandy beach was brought to Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square where the WALLY Team attended Yoshida's Sand in the City. We were amazed at all the masterpieces carved out of sand including mermaids, sea turtles, landscapes and even cupcakes! These art pieces inspired us to share what we found out on how to make the perfect sandcastle!


- Sand-to-water ratio is what it’s all about!: Water serves as the bread and butter of the sandcastle. Too little or too much water will have your sand creation crumbling or even melting! It’s important to practice before committing to your design.

-Think outside the pail: While sandcastles are traditionally castles, let your imagination soar and create something unconventional!

-Map out your design before getting to work: Sandcastle artists in Portland used everything from a simple shovel to garbage cans without the bottoms in order to mold their designs. Though it sounds easy to move sand, it’s important to strategically plan the placement of your heap!

-Patience is key: If an aspect of your design falls or doesn’t come together right the first time, try, try, try again!

Once you’ve finished your ‘sanderpiece’ step back and admire your work! Make sure you take a photo, because it won't last forever! 

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