Sasquatch sighting in Washington as told by local Bigfoot celebrity

Is Bigfoot legend or reality? This is what the WALLY Team explored during the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty in Skamania County. We had a great time learning about different beliefs and meeting those who are Desperately Seeking Sasquatch, and those who claim to have already spotted Sasquatch.

One believer in particular, Randee Chase, tried his hand at convincing the WALLY Team of Bigfoot’s existence, and he had more proof than the average person!

Many believers (and some non-believers) stopped by the WALLY van to ask us what we thought of the legend of Bigfoot, but no one caught our attention like Randee Chase. Chase has become a celebrity in the world of Bigfoot, appearing on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.” He has work published in countless books and a documentary is being made about his experiences. So what exactly has Chase done to warrant this attention?

While hiking right here in Washington, Chase snapped photos of what is believed to be a real Sasquatch, just see for yourself here! At the time, this avid hiker didn’t know exactly what the figure was, but after encouragement from friends, Chase reached out to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to share his findings.

Though initially skeptical, the WALLY Team couldn’t deny that Chase’s story and photos of Sasquatch helped to sway our opinions toward the side of belief.  

So tell us, do YOU believe the legend?

by  Krysta Morley



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