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Seahawks vs. Cardinals: Born Seahawk Fans

Monday, October 25, 2010by  WALLY Team

Face paint trickling down their supercharged chins and rave-green Mohawks bent to the wind, they cheered on. Like the roar of a hot fire doused with water, the crackle of rain on their polyurethane ponchos only made them louder. This was the scene at Qwest Field Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks took on both the Arizona Cardinals and the La Nina weather. 

Peter, Brad, and I were in Touch Down City, amid the sound of squelching rain boots, when we came across another example of the diehard dedication that defines Supercharged Seahawks Fans. Melanie from Sultan stopped by the NW Profiles photo booth with her husband Luke and a football fan they've been carrying for 9 months. "Luke's ready to rush me to the hospital if the baby comes today," she said after stiff-arming her way past Luke in a photo. "We're hoping it's not too close of a game." Talk about being born a Seahawks fan!

Melanie stiff-arming husband Luke 

It's a lot of work cheering for two and Melanie isn't going to let anythone stand in her way. 

Seahawks fan giving thumbs-up 

Supercharged Seahawks Fan hairdos like this one actually improve in high winds.

The win against the Cardinals makes three straight home victories for the Seahawks and they owe it all to their rain or shine fans.

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