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Seahawks vs. Jaguars: Superhero Version

Tuesday, October 13, 2009by  WALLY Team

There's more to 'Supercharged Seahawk Fans' than just polyester Mohawks, sweat-proof face paint and custom jersey monikers—there's a thing called unbridled enthusiasm, and boy did it show this Sunday at Quest Field.

Brad and I spent Sunday morning at Qwest Field's Touchdown City taking photos of die-hard Seahawks fans before the 'Hawks took on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Supercharged fans with larger-than-life personalities lined up to get their pictures snapped and enter PEMCO's 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' photo contest. Each week's contest winner has their extreme fandom displayed on the PEMCO Web site and on HawkVision at the following Seahawks home game.  

With all the crazy fan outfits that we see at the PEMCO booth on game day, it's sometimes easy to forget that behind the blue hockey masks and lime green hairdos are regular people. People like Wayne, who brought his 3-year-old grandson to his first Seahawks game, or couples like Jeff and DeDe, for whom the games are a weekly ritual. Trying to imagine these super-fans as their plain-clothed alter egos got us thinking about what other superheroes the Seahawks should recruit to join their team.  Check out these fans' creative answers:

PEMCO Brand Ambassadors (PBAs): If the Seahawks could recruit any superhero, who would it be and why?

Huang, superman Seahawks fan  'Superman, because he can fly over everybody.' Huang, Seattle


Incredible Hulk Aaron Leonard from Bothell Seahawks fan 

'The Incredible Hulk, so he can keep defenders off Hasselbeck and plow trucklanes for Julius Jones.'
Aaron Leonard, Bothell


Bruce from Fife superman Seahawks fan 

'Superman, because nobody can stop him.'
Bruce, Fife


Jeff and Dede Seahawks fan 

'Peyton Manning or Jerry Rice when they were 25.'
Jeff and Dede (Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk)


Keith and Ann from Spokane Seahawks Iron Man 

'Iron Man, because he's indestructible and we like the movie.'
Keith and Ann, Spokane


Joelle, Jackie, Brenna, Kent, Wonder Woman Seahawks 

'Wonder Woman, because her miniskirt would be a huge distraction for the other team!'


Joelle, Jackie, & Brenna, Kent


What do YOU think? Which superhero would you like to see play for the Seahawks? Let us know in the comments section below.


Speaking of superheroes, the WALLY1 van and the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors will be working to save lives this Friday, Oct. 16 at the Children's Hospital Bike Helmet Fitting. You can do your part to support this great cause by voting for the best fan photo at www.werealotlikeyou.com. Every vote you cast means another dollar donated to Children's Hospital by PEMCO Insurance. See you there!

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