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Sounders vs. Galaxy: Lose or Win - Mom Still Grins

Tuesday, May 11, 2010by  WALLY Team

Who is the one person you can always count on to cheer for you, even when the score doesn't end up in your favor?  Your mom of course!

This past Saturday, as we watched 36,273 fans enter Qwest Field to cheer for our own Seattle Sounders against the fierce L.A. Galaxy, we could feel a little more excitement in the air than usual.  It could have been the sunshine or the West Coast rivalry, but I'd like to think it was the fact that there were a few extra moms in attendance, ready to cheer on our Sounders no matter the outcome of the match.   

In honor of Mother's Day, the guys and I saw many families out at the match, spending quality time together while supporting the Sounders.  One mother and son duo that stopped by the PEMCO photo booth left a rather lasting impression.  Ben from Bellingham treated his mom, Lindsay, to an afternoon at the Sounders FC match but we quickly learned that Ben had a much more permanent gift for his mom -- a freshly inked tattoo on his right arm reading, 'Mummy.'  Ben showed us his new ink while Lindsay laughed and shared that she was just thrilled to be spending time with her son! 

Ben Lindsay show off sounders pride

Ben and Lindsay of Bellingham show off their Sounders pride...and his 'Mummy' tattoo.

Show off mummy tattoo

Now that's dedication! 

Though slightly less permanent, but with an equal amount of passion, we met many other families who showed their moms some love with a souvenir photo that doubled as a Mother's Day gift. 

And though the final score didn't quite end up in the Sounders' favor, the influx of unconditional motherly love at the game reminded us that at the end of the day moms love and support us either way! 

Happy Mothers Day sign family

Giving thanks to their number one fan - Mom!

As always, we had a great time sharing Saturday's match experience with all of you!  Be sure to swing by the PEMCO booth before every Sounders game to say hi and get your free souvenir photo.  And even though Mother's Day has come and gone, we're pretty sure Mom would still love to get a photo of you - either that, or tickets to a Sounders game!


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