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The Seahawks are back in town

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Hernann Ambion

Seawhawks fans holding their flagAugust 14th marked the second preseason game for the Seattle Seahawks, but it was also a homecoming for the Super Bowl Champions. They returned to CenturyLink Field in uniform for the first time since defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. Although this was just a preseason game, fans and players alike treated it like another championship opportunity, and the score reflected that!

You could feel the energy throughout the day’s festivities. Fans scattered along Occidental Avenue, anxiously waiting to get into CenturyLink Field. The parking lots were filled with tailgates, as fans continued their celebration of last season’s Super Bowl victory. Every five minutes, you would hear one fan scream, “SEA!” and then a whole group of fans scream back, “HAWKS!” The intensity felt like a regular season game. The streets were blocked off, and all you saw was a sea of blue and green along the street.

The festivities continued indoors as fans gathered inside Touchdown City. With performances by the Sea Gals and the legendary Lombardi Trophy on display, it’s no doubt everyone was excited for the game. The WALLY team was there, offering our free souvenir photo program to all  Supercharged Seahawks Fans, which are quite easy to spot!

Here are some of their distinguishing factors:

  1. Face paint- It’s not just for little kids anymore! Any Supercharged Seahawks Fan is proud to paint their face, whether it’s a couple lines or their entire face.

  2. Colored hair- No matter what your hair color is, a true Seahawk fan will cover their roots to sport Hawk colored hair for the day.

  3. Seahawks jerseys or t-shirts- Whether they’re sporting a Russell Wilson Jersey or the 12th Fan, any Supercharged Seahawk fan can be spotted with a shirt showing their hawk pride!

  4. Endless blue and green attire- This goes beyond the jersey. This includes socks, hats, pants and even gloves! Supercharged Seahawk Fans don’t shop in sizes, they shop in colors!

  5. Loud and proud- Not only can you spot a Supercharged Seahawks Fan from a mile away, but you can hear them too! With their signature “SEA….HAWKS” chant, they can’t be missed!

This upcoming season is one for everyone to see, now that the Seahawks have garnered the national attention from their recent Super Bowl win. The question now on everyone’s mind is, “What’s next?”

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