WALLY1 Wi-Fi HotSpot: Putting a Jolt in the Daily Commute

 WALLY Free Wifi stand at bus stopHere in the Northwest, we like our minds clear even if the weather isn't. And what better way to lift the mental fog of the a.m. commute than with some early-morning coffee?

This Tuesday we thought Metro-bound Eastsiders deserved a little caffeine buzz to get a jump start on the morning ride. Brad, Peter and I were at the South Bellevue Park and Ride from 7-9 a.m. with fresh coffee and the WALLY1 Wi-Fi Hotspot on hand. The drizzly morning weather was no match for our wireless high-pressure system as commuters checked online schedules and prepared for the day.
People stopping by WALLY booth for coffeeHere are a few snapshots from the morning's coffee-filled commute:





PEMCO WALLY free wifi booth at bus stop 



Didn't get your free cup of coffee? No worries - Just keep an eye out for us on your way to work or follow us on Twitter at @PEMCO_NW for updates on when we'll be stopping by a transit hub near you!

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